Sleazy Town, originally a French hard rock quartet heavily influenced by southern rock, sleaze rock and even glam metal, was formed in the city of Paris in the summer of 2011.

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Andy Dean / Vocals
JJ Jaxx / Guitar
MCBR / Bass
Julian / Drums

The story begins in 2011 with the desire of Steff Dust (bass) and Julian (drums) to create a new music band and the idea takes all its form when they meet JJ Jaxx (guitar) during a live show. After having auditioned many singers on different covers, the trio is finally joined by Andy Dean (vocals) at the beginning of 2012 and the 4 members of Sleazy Town immediately get down to the composition of their own songs.

At the end of August 2013, Sleazy Town release their first self-produced demo recorded at Studio Plus (Paris, France) in the form of a 5-track EP entitled Midnight Fight bringing together 4 original tracks and 1 cover of the classic Talk Dirty to Me from the famous American band Poison.

In between playing shows, they are currently writing and demoing songs for their first full length album to be released in 2021. Mixing power, groove and melody along their long life influences, Sleazy Town deliver a hard tinged sleaze hard rock sound that is all their own.